Why Chennai Super Kings didn’t pick ‘most consistent’ Suresh Raina at IPL Mega Auction 2022?


CSK has not included Suresh Raina, the most consistent cricketer for Chennai, in the team this time. No other party bought him. Chennai officials said the reason why they did not buy Raina. However, former India captain Sunil Gavaskar was shocked by his decision not to buy any team.

Regarding Raina, Kashi Bishwanath, CEO of Chennai Super Kings, said that although they felt bad, they could not buy him for the sake of the team. “Raina has been the most consistent cricketer in CSK for the last 12 years,” he said. So it is difficult for us not to take him. But we have to think about who is in what form at the moment. I bought the player thinking what would be good for the team. We felt that Raina had no place in this team. That’s why he was not taken. ”

Regardless of the explanation given by Chennai, Gavaskar was surprised that Raina did not get the team. “I am just happy for Raina,” he said. He is a left-handed batsman. Can spin off. Experienced so many days on it. However, Raina was having trouble playing on the pitch that had a little bounce last time in Dubai. So maybe the franchises think that even on the Indian pitch, there could be problems in front of the bowlers. Of course, the owners of the team can tell why no one bought Raina. But I was very surprised.