Usama Mir Responds to Critics Amidst Recent Performance Setbacks


Pakistan spinner Usama Mir finds himself under intense scrutiny from disappointed fans in the aftermath of setbacks during the 2023 World Cup in India and the recently concluded five-match T20I series against New Zealand.

In a candid interview with a local media channel, Usama Mir expressed his frustration with the criticism, highlighting the unpredictable nature of public opinion and the swift shifts in perception based on performance.

“People talk like this, they even abuse me, so I think they forget everything, and whoever performs well, in a second, you will make them Don Bradman, you will make them Viv Richards, and for one bad performance, you will even call them sourch (parchi),” remarked Usama Mir, visibly disheartened by the extreme reactions.

Questioning the necessity of such harsh responses, the leg-spinner appealed to fans to maintain their support regardless of the team’s ups and downs.

“I don’t know which words will be used, but I think you should support us because we are playing for your country, not for any other country. If there is something, so you should support us in every situation. In happiness, every person will be with us, and if we are struggling, no one will stand with us in difficult times, then what is the need for this thing,” he concluded.

Usama Mir faced a pivotal moment in the ODI World Cup 2023 match against Australia, where he missed a crucial catch of David Warner, allowing Warner to score 163 runs off 124 balls and contributing to Pakistan’s defeat in a must-win scenario. In his T20I debut series against New Zealand, the 28-year-old encountered challenges, securing only two wickets in three matches and conceding 111 runs with an economy rate of 9.25.

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