Unveiling the 10th Edition of BPL: A Local Flavor with Unseen Twists


As the curtain rises on the 10th edition of the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL), the cricketing community seems to embrace a sense of normalcy rather than succumbing to the usual pre-tournament hype.

Even on the eve of the country’s exclusive franchise-based event, the ambiance lingered in palpable calm. The BPL Governing Council’s press conference, conducted in its customary fashion, addressed inquiries about the inherent constraints that keep the tournament operating on a somewhat modest scale.

A subtle shift in dynamics was observed as the BPL Governing Council’s presser moved from its regular conference room to the open space in front of the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) offices, a symbol of the swift changes characterizing the BPL.

In a surprising turn of events, a new franchise, Durdanto Dhaka, not originally part of the initial seven teams expressing interest in 2022 for a three-year stint, entered the scene, transforming the competition into a seven-team affair.

The uncertainty surrounding captain assignments was evident, with most franchises confirming their choices at the eleventh hour.

During the BPL Governing Council press meeting, discussions surfaced about sustainability and prioritizing national team commitments. IH Mollick, the council’s membership secretary, hinted at a potential shift in the BCB’s stance on revenue-sharing if the franchise fee were to increase tenfold from the current one and a half crore taka per year.

Mollick shared insights into the board’s decision-making process, highlighting their adherence to guidelines set by the BCB in running the tournament. The debate on revenue-sharing gained momentum, spurred by Comilla Victorian owner Nafisa Kamal, preceding the tournament’s commencement.

Taking into consideration the financial and economic conditions, Mollick stressed the necessity of aligning BPL with the “country’s style,” implying adherence to the current sustainable model in Bangladesh’s context.

Despite being over a decade old since its initiation in 2012, the BPL is yet to fully embrace global standards, according to Mollick. Amidst ongoing debates among organizers to finalize a stable tournament model, the competition kicked off with defending champions Comilla Victorians facing Dhaka in the opening match, followed by Sylhet Strikers taking on Chattogram Challengers in the evening game.

While Comilla boasts a star-studded lineup, challenges arise with players departing early due to concurrent rival tournaments. Liton Das, Comilla’s skipper, expressed confidence in the availability of foreign players for the inaugural match.

As the tournament unfolds, the hope is that cricket takes centre stage, with wickets adding to the excitement. The primary objective remains preparing national players for the upcoming T20 World Cup in June.

Amidst the positives, the Decision Review System (DRS) promises to be in play from the tournament’s inception, while a star-studded commentary team adds to the overall appeal. The stage is set for an intriguing journey through the 10th edition of the BPL, marked by local nuances and unforeseen twists.

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