Troubles Mount for Mohammad Hafeez Amidst Board’s Cold Reception


Amidst a frosty reception from the board, Mohammad Hafeez finds himself amidst a whirlwind of negative signals. The PCB platform denied him permission for a media conference yet again, leaving the appointed team director feeling sidelined. Even the support of Wahab Riaz, the newly appointed chief selector, seems to be waning for the former captain.

Initially appointed as the team director and head coach for the tours of Australia and New Zealand, Hafeez’s prospects seemed promising. However, hurdles arose as government approval for a long-term contract failed to materialize. Despite his desire to address the team’s losses in a press briefing upon his return, the board thwarted his efforts.

Sources close to former captains reveal that while Hafeez has been granted the liberty to speak to the media independently, the PCB’s channels remain off-limits. Evidently, Hafeez struggles to maintain his role and seeks discussions about his future with the new chairman. Mohsin Naqvi, the recently appointed PCB chief, has hinted at a preference for hiring a foreign coach.

Further complicating matters, Hafeez’s relationship with Wahab Riaz, whom he played a pivotal role in appointing as chief selector, has soured. Allegations suggest discord between them, with Hafeez reportedly undermining Wahab’s decisions during key meetings. This rift has led to speculation about Wahab distancing himself from supporting Hafeez.

Within the national team, senior players express discontent with Hafeez’s stringent approach and decisions, adding to the mounting pressure on the embattled team director. As the situation unfolds, clarity on Hafeez’s future role remains uncertain.

Meanwhile, top officials of the board are diligently maintaining connections with Mohsin Naqvi’s inner circle to safeguard their positions. Salman Nasir, the COO, closely shadows these officials, indicating a strategic maneuver to secure their roles amidst potential changes in leadership dynamics.

As the chairman prepares to relinquish his post and focus solely on the PCB after the upcoming elections, the organization braces for a period of transition and uncertainty.

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