Tom Moody Emphasizes IPL Performance’s Crucial Role in T20 World Cup Selection


In a recent virtual media interaction organized by the Desert Vipers team of the ILT20, veteran coach Tom Moody underscored the heightened significance of players’ performances in leagues like the IPL and ILT20, especially in light of the looming T20 World Cup selections. With the tournament slated for June in the West Indies and the USA, teams are closely monitoring player performances in these competitive leagues.

Moody emphasized how standout performances in the IPL and ILT20 could solidify a player’s chances of securing a spot in their respective national squads for the World Cup.

The IPL, alongside other T20 tournaments like the ILT20, serves as a crucial platform for players to showcase their skills. Exceptional performances in these leagues can greatly enhance a player’s prospects during the final selection process,” Moody remarked.

Echoing similar sentiments, India’s head coach Rahul Dravid had recently highlighted the importance of closely observing players’ performances in the IPL, considering the limited opportunities for international fixtures.

However, Moody acknowledged the unique challenge posed by the USA as a host venue, especially for teams accustomed to Caribbean conditions.

While many players are familiar with playing in the Caribbean, the shift to the US presents a new set of challenges. Teams and players will need to adapt swiftly to unfamiliar conditions,” Moody stated.

Amidst the proliferation of T20 leagues globally, Moody stressed the need for the ICC and cricket boards to safeguard the traditional format of Test cricket.

While T20 leagues cater to the growing appetite for short-format cricket, it’s crucial to strike a balance and preserve the essence of Test cricket,” he remarked.

Recognizing the financial constraints faced by cricket boards, Moody acknowledged that the future might see a reduction in Test matches. Yet, he expressed optimism that established T20 leagues with robust infrastructure and financial backing would thrive, potentially creating space for the resurgence of Test cricket in the long run.

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