Team-centric Approach: Hafeez’s Influence on Babar and Rizwan’s Roles


Former Pakistan team director, Mohammad Hafeez, recently shared insights into his strategy during the T20I series against New Zealand. He emphasized the importance of a team-centric approach, particularly highlighting Babar Azam’s and Mohammad Rizwan’s roles.

Hafeez revealed that he spent considerable time persuading Babar Azam to adapt his playing style for the team’s benefit. He emphasized that while both Babar and Rizwan are exceptional players, they are not the entirety of the team.

“It took me about two months to convince Babar Azam that you have to do it for Pakistan and you are not the first one who’s doing it. You are a great player, you are a wonderful player and you are playing great cricket however you have to develop the Pakistan team,” Hafeez explained.

He urged Babar to shift to number three in the batting order, citing his proficiency in that position during One-Day matches. Despite being accustomed to opening alongside Rizwan, Babar accepted the change, prioritizing the team’s needs over individual statistics.

“Thank you very much to him that he accepted this and he played for Pakistan at number 3 which obviously I think is the best way to move,” Hafeez acknowledged.

This adjustment demonstrated Babar’s commitment to the team’s success, reflecting a cohesive team spirit fostered under Hafeez’s guidance.

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