Taskins are happy to have coach Donald


In his playing career, Alan Donald was known as “White Lightning”. He is also successful as a coach. Now, Allan Donald is taking over as the pace bowling coach of the Bangladesh team. And bangladesh’s pace stars are also impressed with the new guru.

With coach Donald, Taskin Ahmed has bet that there is no compromise with speed. Working with Donald on a pace-friendly wicket on the tour of South Africa, Taskin feels like he has a wonderful atmosphere in the Bangladesh team’s camp. After the first day’s practice session with coach Allan Donald in Johannesburg, pacer Taskin Ahmed said: “The basics are telling, he has tried to explain the different behaviour of different venues. Today we practiced at the Wanderers Stadium.

He said it’s a very high-scoring ground. It’s good to bowl here – that’s what we’ve talked about. ’
Taskin said, “You have to bowl according to the strategy… One way with the new ball, another in the middle overs, a little more variation has to be added to the death overs. There are high scoring matches at this ground. You have to bowl mix-ups. I liked it, of course. Today is the first day. I don’t understand anything in one day. I liked it too. ’

Former South Africa pace bowling all-rounder Albie Morkel has been added as a power-hitting coach for a few days. In all, there are three South African coaches in the team. Taskin sees the added advantage of having so many coaches in the country where he is playing. The Tiger pacer said, “The atmosphere of the team is good. Everyone is trying. Hopefully… It won’t be easy, but it will be a good thing to have a beautiful process like this. I can’t take everything in one day. Don’t say everything, there is a matter of using yourself in the field. We are practicing according to the idea he is giving. ’

Morkel is also doing some work with the bowlers even as he comes to assist the batsmen. Taskin also shared the experience. He was talking while bowling – this ball is getting better, it is better to do it consistently or make a little more changes like this. Today is the first day with both of them. Hopefully I can learn something ahead. ’

At The New Wanderers in Johannesburg, no run is safe. Australia had to lose once after scoring 434 runs, which South Africa won over the mountain. New pace bowling coach Allan Donald has repeatedly reminded that there will be runs on this field, there is nothing to worry about. Of course, Taskin Ahmed is not thinking that the runs will be scored. The pacer is looking for a way to take wickets.

Bangladesh will play the second ODI of the series at The New Wanderers in Johannesburg. The other two matches are in Centurion.

In South Africa, there are fewer runs in all the fields. Here, Bangladesh also has a bitter experience of scoring runs in Dedars. Taskin doesn’t want to remember that. Accept everything and prepare for the ordeal. Taskin said, “Yes, it will be a bit of a challenge for the bowlers. It’s fun again. Doing well against the hosts in South Africa will give huge confidence. You don’t have to assume that there will be more runs. Here also a lot of bowlers have done well, won matches, got 5 wickets. There will be runs. But if you think about it in the beginning, there will be pressure for the bowlers. We want to get a better win from here and give our best. ’
Taskin has previous experience of playing in South Africa. You know, you have to use the new ball very well.

Taskin said there is a little movement in the new ball. The batters who batted, they saw that it was a little easier after being set, the ball came beautifully on the bat. The older the ball is, the lower the edge of the seam, the more beautiful it comes to the bat. ’

Taskin, who bowled well in New Zealand at the start of the year, wants to maintain consistency in South Africa as well. Has he set any goals for himself? Taskin said, “There’s nothing specific. I have a role to play in the win. Why only five, the wickets can be more, it can be less. I want to contribute to the team. Is it possible to win the series? Inshallah. We’re very hopeful, something good will happen. ’

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