Tamim asserts that achieving 100 percent fitness is unattainable for any player


Tamim is making a comeback to the field in the BPL on January 19 after a break due to injury and other reasons. Despite not being 100 percent fit, he believes players can still perform with injuries, citing Mahmudullah Riyad as an example, who recovered from a shoulder injury before the BPL.

“No (will not be cheated). I don’t think so. Injuries are such a part that, no cricketer or any sportsman can say that I am 100% fit. Either 90% fit, 70%, or 80% fit. Some people have more or less niggles (injuries). That doesn’t mean he won’t play. Mahmudullah Riyad is back from injury. He still has some niggles (injuries). If he thinks he can play from the first match. Then he will play,” said Tamim.

The left-handed batter, who played his last ODI series against New Zealand before the World Cup, talked about how he personally prepared during the three-month gap.

“Didn’t practice much in three months. I have been batting for the last two and a half weeks. Day by day I am doing well. I tried to do everything I could before the start of BPL,” he added.

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