Shakib caught up with BCB’s Zero Tolerance


Shakib is close to the BCB‘s tough attitude and zero-tolerance policy. He was forced to accept everything. Ending the drama and agreeing to go on the Proteas tour is a special message from the board. Which will be an example for the future.

The guardian of the country’s cricket, the role of the board president, is the big stage of what exactly should be the role of the president of the board, the Home of Cricket. That’s the script’s master Nazmul Hasan Papon. Shakib Al Hasan is the poster boy of the country’s cricket in the lead role.

Behind a smile, there is also a lot of unspoken words. Yet in Shakib’s case, it is natural to look for a curious mind. A lot of people are mixing two or four.

It’s an hour’s meeting. That’s why it all boiled down like magic. It is not known what was said, but Super Shakib has accepted everything there, it is conceivable. There may not have been a second path open. Maybe if the board had already been strict, the water would not have flowed so far.

However, this time there were indications of a full stop on this issue from the BCB directors. Before almost every series, everyone is upset with the headlines of Shakib not playing the game. But it was this cricket that gave him the fame of money. Anyone can ask for rest in cricket, but just before the start of the series, this was the question for everyone.

Shakib was largely exiled after a long rest until April 30, given by the board on the issue of the Proteas tour. Not only that, this time he didn’t find anyone by his side. On the BCB’s zero tolerance policy, so he was forced to move tonk. The biggest advertisement of cricket in the country is back.

For the time being, it is better not to go into the debate about who won the Shakib-Board duel. One more lesson from the whole incident is Nick Seventh Five. Let him return to the Proteas tour. The victory is for the country’s cricket.

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