Setbacks Prompt Contract Extension Delays: Mohammad Hafeez Addresses Team Issues


The contract extension for Mohammad Hafeez, the National Team Director, has encountered obstacles, leading the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to postpone the decision. Pending further instructions, the PCB has deferred the final call on Hafeez’s extension.

Upon his return to Lahore, Hafeez engaged in a pivotal meeting with Interim PCB Chairman and Election Commissioner Shah Khawar, joined by Chief Operating Officer Salman Naseer. Sources indicate that the meeting centered around a detailed analysis by Hafeez, highlighting the team’s recent struggles in Test series against Australia and T20I series against New Zealand. In this session, Hafeez not only identified shortcomings but also provided valuable insights and recommendations for future improvements.

One significant observation made by Hafeez was the players’ alleged lack of focus on the game, as their primary attention seemed diverted towards participation in ongoing T20 leagues associated with various franchises.

The extension of Hafeez’s expiring one-month contract was also a topic of discussion, currently awaiting a decision. The PCB, awaiting guidance from the Inter-Provincial Ministry, is anticipated to make an official announcement on the extension shortly. However, a notable development is the Ministry’s directive restraining the board from offering long-term contracts.

The meeting between Shah Khawar and Hafeez, lasting approximately half an hour, covered critical aspects of the team’s performance and outlined potential future courses of action. Additionally, Mohammad Hafeez held a separate meeting with Salman Naseer, underscoring the significance of the ongoing deliberations.

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