Rohit Sharma Applauds Virat Kohli’s Unmatched Passion and Dedication to Fitness


During a conversation with veteran cricketer Dinesh Karthik amid India’s Test series against England, Indian skipper Rohit Sharma shed light on his teammate Virat Kohli’s unparalleled commitment to the game. As two of the standout batsmen in the modern era, Kohli and Rohit have been instrumental for the Men In Blue across formats. Rohit, praising Kohli’s work ethic, highlighted that he has never witnessed Kohli seeking rehabilitation at the National Cricket Academy (NCA) after an injury.

Expressing admiration for Kohli’s dedication, Rohit emphasized that the younger players should draw inspiration from Kohli’s passion for the game. Despite his exemplary skills in cover drives, flicks, and cuts, Rohit emphasized the importance of understanding the qualities that have propelled Kohli to his current stature.

‘Virat Kohli’s Unprecedented Commitment: A Lesson for Younger Players’

Virat Kohli has never been to NCA in his entire career. I would say that all the younger players should look up to the passion that he has. Leave alone how he plays the cover drive, flick, cut, but first things first, you have to understand what is the quality of the players that makes him where he is today,” remarked Rohit during the conversation with Karthik on JioCinema.

Kohli, who last played in the T20I series against Afghanistan, joined the Indian squad for the first Test against England in Hyderabad. Despite not attending an optional training session and subsequently opting out of the first two Tests against England, Kohli’s dedication to the team and the game remains unwavering.

‘Kohli’s Hunger and Unyielding Spirit Cannot Be Taught’

I have watched Kohli enough. He can easily be satisfied with what he has achieved. He can say that I will take it easy in these 2-3 series, I will come later, but he is always there for the team. That mindset of being hungry and not complacent cannot be taught. You have to learn that by looking at others. It has to come from within. I cannot teach you that,” added Rohit, emphasizing the invaluable lesson of determination and hunger that Kohli embodies.

Earlier, Kohli conferred with captain Rohit and the Indian team management regarding his choice to skip the initial two Tests. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) echoed its support for Kohli and appealed to fans and media to abstain from speculating about his departure. It is anticipated that the former India skipper will rejoin the squad for the 3rd Test against England.

The Indian skipper emphasized the importance of maintaining a constant hunger for success. Instead of focusing solely on the technical aspects of players like Virat Kohli, he encouraged the team to prioritize staying motivated, bringing passion and pride to every aspect of their game, whether under the sun or in the pursuit of team objectives.

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