PSL Players Advised to Steer Clear of Four Individuals Amid Match-Fixing Concerns


Amid concerns over potential match-fixing threats in the Pakistan Super League (PSL), the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has issued a directive to players participating in the ongoing ninth edition of the tournament. They are advised to maintain a distance from four individuals, one of whom hails from Bangladesh.

Reportedly, one of the flagged individuals is a former Pakistan regional cricket coach, while the other two are of Indian origin. The PCB, through Cricket Pakistan, has provided players with visuals of these individuals and urged them to refrain from any interaction. Players have been instructed to promptly notify anti-corruption officials if they encounter these individuals.

To bolster security measures, the PCB has opted not to fully book team hotels, allowing for controlled movement. Additionally, precautions have been taken to prevent potential encounters between players and bookies posing as fans.

Furthermore, players have been instructed to report any gifts exceeding the value of 25,000 rupees and are prohibited from ordering food from external sources. These measures underscore the PCB’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of the PSL amidst ongoing concerns.

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