PCB Strengthens Anti-Corruption Measures to Safeguard PSL Integrity


To combat previous match-fixing incidents tarnishing the reputation of the Pakistan Super League (PSL), the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has intensified its efforts.

Tariq Qureshi, head of the PCB Anti-Corruption Unit, disclosed to ‘Cricket Pakistan’ that robust measures are being implemented to deter players from engaging with dubious individuals during the upcoming HBL PSL season 9.

Each team now has an Anti-Corruption Officer, stationed in hotels and grounds, tasked with enforcing ICC regulations. Prior to the season’s commencement, all teams were reminded to steer clear of suspicious contacts, with Qureshi stressing the potential career consequences of even minor infractions.

As of now, no players have reported any suspicious contacts. However, Qureshi emphasized the necessity of technological advancements and improved surveillance systems, as current measures rely heavily on human intelligence and tips.

Reflecting on past incidents, Qureshi underscored the repercussions faced by certain players involved in corruption. While preventing fixing has become more challenging for bookies, human errors persist, necessitating continued vigilance. Suspected individuals are promptly blacklisted by the ICC, with their details shared among member boards to raise awareness.

Despite the absence of ICC Anti-Corruption Unit representatives in the HBL PSL as it is a domestic event, Qureshi assured that his team remains committed to upholding the league’s integrity through diligent monitoring and enforcement.

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