Pakistan Secures Asian Cricket Council Presidency for 2025


In a landmark decision reached during a pivotal meeting in Bali, Indonesia, Pakistan is poised to assume the esteemed position of the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) Presidency in the upcoming year.

Heading the delegation representing Pakistan was Shah Khawar, the Acting Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and Chief Election Commissioner, alongside Chief Operating Officer Salman Naseer. Utilizing his legal background, Shah Khawar actively participated in the meeting, voicing objections and disagreements at various junctures while maintaining a consistently positive demeanor.

During the discussions, Shami Silva, President of Sri Lankan cricket, lauded Jay Shah’s leadership and proposed an extension of his presidency. Diplomatically responding to the suggestion, Shah proposed documenting Sri Lanka’s voluntary extension of Shah’s presidency for another year, ensuring a smooth transition when Pakistan assumes the role next year.

The resolution was reached to appoint a representative from the PCB as the ACC President for a two-year term starting in January of the upcoming year.

Interestingly, a delay in disseminating the minutes of the previous meeting was noted, with Salman Naseer having previously raised the issue in a letter without receiving a response.

Shah Khawar emphasized the timeliness of sending minutes, asserting that they were only sent three days prior, despite the expectation for immediate distribution following the meeting. Moreover, he advocated for a brief discussion before the approval of each agenda point, challenging Jay Shah’s swift reading and approval process.

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