Mushfiqur Rahim’s Revelation: Was His T20I Retirement Forced?


In a surprising turn of events, Bangladesh’s cricket sensation, Mushfiqur Rahim, hinted at being compelled to retire from T20Is. The 36-year-old maestro had bid adieu for the T20I format on September 4, 2022, post the Asia Cup in the UAE, just ahead of the T20 World Cup in Australia that same year.

During a recent press conference following Fortune Barishal’s impressive victory over Rangpur Riders in Qualifier 2 of the ongoing Bangladesh Premier League (BPL), Mushfiqur dropped a bombshell regarding his retirement saga. Though time constraints led to skipping a few questions at the conference, reporters managed to catch up with him afterward to delve deeper into his retirement decision.

Do you regret retiring from T20Is?

queried by a journalist.

Mushfiqur’s response was terse yet telling, “No.”

Pressed further about any regret considering his current form, he chuckled,

No, what’s there to regret? (smiles)

When probed about his astute game sense and the timing of his retirement, Mushfiqur hinted at coercion behind his decision to retire from T20Is.

You’re highlighting my game sense now that I’m performing well. No one mentioned it before (smiles).

I just want one question answered. Did I retire from T20s willingly? Was it my decision? That’s all I have to say. Reflect on the events leading to my retirement, that’s all,

Mushfiqur retorted to the media.

His voice resonated with clear objection, indicating his belief that his T20I retirement wasn’t entirely by choice.

Criticism had been directed at Barishal for fielding numerous senior players. When questioned about whether such criticism served as motivation for the team, Mushfiqur expressed his disappointment.

No, it doesn’t motivate me. It’s disheartening. Present me with a group of young players, and I’m certain they won’t match my fitness level. I can vouch for that. Age and performance aren’t correlated; fitness and performance are paramount. Age is merely a number,

Mushfiqur asserted, citing England’s James Anderson as an example.

Despite the controversy surrounding his retirement, Mushfiqur continues to shine on the field. Currently, he stands as the fifth-highest run-scorer in the BPL, exhibiting his prowess with the bat and guiding Barishal to the final with stellar performances. His contributions underscore his unwavering dedication and skill, prompting speculation about whether he truly wanted to retire from T20Is or if external pressures influenced his decision.

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