Mohammad Nawaz Reflects on Imad Wasim’s Retirement and PSL Shift


During a recent media address, Pakistani cricketer Mohammad Nawaz didn’t shy away from expressing his opinions about fellow player Imad Wasim, sparking a candid discussion.

Addressing a query about Imad Wasim’s retirement from international cricket, Nawaz delved into the intricate dynamics of public perception surrounding players.

Nawaz highlighted the paradoxical nature of fan admiration, noting how players out of the team often receive acclaim, contrasting sharply with the fickleness of support when they struggle upon returning.

Reflecting on the unpredictable nature of team selection, Nawaz discussed his own journey since debuting in 2016, juxtaposing it with Imad’s career.

“As I’ve experienced since my debut in 2016, team selection can be quite fluid. Sometimes Imad bhai plays, sometimes I do. It’s not about personal preferences; it’s about performance,” Nawaz remarked.

Looking ahead to the upcoming Pakistan Super League (PSL) season, Nawaz expressed enthusiasm about joining the Karachi Kings franchise, aiming to make a significant impact for his new team.

“The Kings present an exciting opportunity for me. I’m looking forward to contributing positively to the team’s success,” Nawaz stated optimistically.

Despite the pressure of being labeled a “match winner” by captain Babar Azam during the T20 World Cup 2022, Nawaz remains focused on honing his skills and contributing effectively to his team’s performance.

“I don’t let the ‘match winner’ tag weigh me down. My focus is on continuous improvement and enhancing my skills,” Nawaz affirmed, concluding on a determined note.

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