Jofra Archer: If you don’t play this season, how much money will Archer buy for Rs 8 crore? What the rules of IPL say


According to the rules of the IPL, if he gets injured during the league after buying a cricketer, he gets money under the insurance rules. But if a cricketer is injured before the start of the season, or can’t play a single match in the league, he won’t get any money. This rule, however, is effective for players who do not play themselves. If a cricketer is not given a chance in the top eleven by a team, he has to pay.

If Archer can play for the team in a few matches, he will have to pay according to the match. That possibility, however, is less in the case of Archer. With Mumbai buying Archer even after learning of his injury, they will not be able to pick any substitute for Archer for this season.

Akash Ambani, however, gave an answer as to why Archer was bought even after learning about the injury. “We knew Archer was injured,” Akash said after the auction. We won’t get him this year. But when he recovers, his pairing with Yashpreet Bumra will take away the opposition’s sleep. With that in mind, we bought Archer. After much deliberation, we bought him.