ICC bans Rizwan for 17.5 years for match-fixing in Abu Dhabi T10 league


Rizwan Ahmed received a lengthy ban from ICC for fixing.Rizwan Ahmed received a lengthy ban from ICC for fixing

A UK club cricketer, Rizwan Javed, has been handed a 17-and-a-half-year ban from all cricket activities. This ban comes as a result of his involvement in match-fixing attempts during the 2021 Abu Dhabi T10 League. The ban was enforced on September 19, 2023, after Javed failed to address the charges against him related to his participation in the league.

Javed was one of eight players and officials charged by the International Cricket Council (ICC) on behalf of the Emirates Cricket Board (ECB) in September last year. Among them, Bangladesh all-rounder Nasir Hossain was also charged and is currently serving a two-year ban.

Javed was accused of breaking several rules outlined in the Anti-Corruption Code. These allegations include trying to influence match outcomes in the Abu Dhabi T10 2021 tournament on three different occasions, offering incentives to encourage dishonest behavior, and not fully disclosing information about attempts to involve him in corrupt activities.

Javed also faced charges for not cooperating with the investigation without a valid reason. Since he didn’t respond to the charges, he was considered guilty of the offenses and gave up his right to a hearing.

The ICC’s investigation looked into various evidence, including messages and interactions between Javed and others, and also analyzed the context of the matches and the teams participating.

Under the oversight of Alex Marshall, the ICC’s General Manager of Integrity, the investigation concluded with the decision to ban Javed for a period of 17-and-a-half years.

Rizwan Javed faces a substantial cricket ban due to multiple and significant efforts to corrupt professional players. The penalty aims to deter other individuals attempting to manipulate cricket at any level, emphasizing that any such endeavors will be severely addressed

– Alex Marshall, ICC’s General Manager of Integrity, stated in an ICC statement.

The ICC’s decision to impose a lengthy ban on Javed serves as a stern warning to others involved in corruption and underscores the ICC’s dedication to upholding the integrity of cricket.

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