Harsha Bhogle Raises Concerns Over Misleading ‘Virat Kohli-RCB Video’ on Social Media


In the midst of a social media storm, Harsha Bhogle, the renowned cricket commentator, finds himself at the center of controversy due to a viral snippet dubbed the ‘Virat Kohli-RCB Video,’ which has sparked widespread debate and misinterpretation.

Virat Kohli, hailed as one of the greatest batters of his era, stands out among a select few players who excel across all three formats of the game. Despite the grueling demands of modern cricket, Kohli’s unwavering fitness has been pivotal in sustaining his performance, particularly amidst the overflow of T20 cricket.

During a discussion at the SHRM India Talent Leadership Summit & Expo 2024 in Mumbai, Bhogle delved into the intricacies of players navigating through different formats. Using Kohli as an example, he highlighted the strategic implications for franchises like Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), suggesting that Kohli’s dismissal might sometimes serve the team’s interests by allowing a more aggressive batsman to accelerate the scoring rate.

However, the video snippet circulating on social media failed to capture the entirety of Bhogle’s remarks, leading to widespread misunderstanding. Expressing his disappointment, Bhogle called for the release of the full video to provide proper context and clarity.

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), Bhogle lamented the selective editing and urged for responsible reporting practices to ensure accurate representation of discussions.

This is an example of what I was talking about with social media. The video is cropped just before the point where I say that Virat is capable of playing across situations but that I was only highlighting how even the greatest players have to keep adjusting demands and priorities. Come on @PTI_News I am sure you can do better. With selectively edited reporting, nobody will be able to articulate thoughts again. Can you put out the whole clip please?

Bhogle posted.

In a subsequent post on the platform, Bhogle reiterated his disappointment with the dissemination of only a truncated version of the video, emphasizing the importance of context in shaping public discourse.

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