Harbhajan Singh’s Insights on Pakistan Cricket: Rebuilding Confidence and Captaincy Change


In a recent interview with Cricket Pakistan, former Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh shared his valuable perspectives on the challenges confronting the Pakistan cricket team. Singh highlighted the abundant talent within the team but emphasized the critical need for players to regain their confidence through consistent performances.

Singh acknowledged the talent in the Pakistan team but expressed concern about a noticeable dip in confidence affecting their recent performances. According to him, to rebuild confidence, the players must deliver solid performances in consecutive matches. He placed the responsibility on the players, stating that they needed to elevate their cricketing standards and unleash their full potential.

Reflecting on the recent change in captaincy, Singh attributed it to Pakistan’s underwhelming performance in the World Cup. While recognizing the importance of cricket in both India and Pakistan, he suggested that the decision might not have been made at the most opportune time. Singh warned about the potential setbacks caused by delayed decisions, expressing concern that the change in leadership might be one reason for Pakistan’s cricket not progressing as expected.

Singh applauded Babar Azam’s skills but emphasized the importance of recognizing the entire team’s contributions. He drew parallels between the cricketing narratives in India and Pakistan, urging acknowledgment of the collective effort required for team success.

As the ambassador of the ILT20, Singh expressed enthusiasm about the ongoing season, noting the positive developments and increased crowd turnout. He highlighted the return of ILT20 in a better form to the UAE and emphasized the significance of fan engagement for the success of any game.

Sharing his experiences with cricket legends like Wasim Akram and Shoaib Akhtar, who are also associated with ILT20, Singh expressed joy in interacting with them. He described Wasim Akram as someone who brings laughter and shared funny anecdotes, making the interactions enjoyable.

The second season of the International League T20 (ILT20) commenced on 19th January in Sharjah, opting to skip the opening ceremony. Sharjah Warriors and Gulf Giants played the opening match, with Sharjah Warriors facing a defeat by 31 runs. Pakistan cricket stars, including T20 captain Shaheen Shah Afridi, are set to participate in the tournament, eagerly awaited by fans.

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