Fortune Barishal Owner Addresses Shoaib Malik’s Exit Amidst Controversy


The owner of Fortune Barishal, Mizanur Rahman, dismisses speculation surrounding suspected spot-fixing involving Pakistani recruit Shoaib Malik, who abruptly departed for Dubai after the Dhaka phase of the 10th Bangladesh Premier League.

Navigating Rumors: Mizanur Rahman Sets the Record Straight on Shoaib Malik’s Departure

Shoaib Malik, set to join the team for the Sylhet phase, has opted out of the tournament, sparking intrigue, especially after his unconventional bowling performance in the last game, where he bowled three no-balls in a single over.

In a video message posted on the team’s social media page, Mizanur Rahman addressed the swirling rumors, stating,

We have heard many things about Shoaib Malik in the past few days, and I protest those rumors. Shoaib Malik is a good player and he has given his best for the team. We don’t want to discuss the issue anymore. Since we lost two consecutive matches, we want to concentrate on our upcoming games and look to win the next match and reach the final.

Despite the no-ball controversy, whispers circulated that Malik had expressed a desire to switch to Durdanto Dhaka for the second leg of the BPL. However, the Barishal franchise reportedly denied the Pakistani player’s request to change teams mid-tournament.

While Mizanur refrained from commenting on the matter, sources revealed that Malik was unwilling to return to Bangladesh following the decision. In his three appearances for Barishal, Malik contributed 27 runs and claimed a single wicket. The mystery surrounding Malik’s departure continues to fuel discussions, adding an unexpected twist to the ongoing BPL saga.

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