Financial Turmoil Grips 2023 Asia Cup as Pakistan and Sri Lanka Clash Over Expenses


The 2023 Asia Cup is marred by ongoing financial disputes between Pakistan and Sri Lanka, creating a tense atmosphere that demands immediate resolution.

Inception of the issue stems from the Asia Cup’s planning, originally set in Pakistan but relocated to Sri Lanka due to India’s reluctance to play in Pakistan. Despite the tournament concluding from August 30 to September 17 last year, financial disagreements between the host nations persist.

During the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) meeting in Bali, Indonesia, Sri Lanka Cricket President Shami Silva raised concerns about unpaid hotel bills. In response, ACC President Jay Shah instructed Silva to directly engage with the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for a resolution.

Sources reveal that Pakistan insists on pending verifications of numerous bills as a central point, hindering payment progress. Chartered flights present another challenge, with unresolved matters straining the relationship between the cricket boards.

The PCB contends that the decision to not host the entire Asia Cup in Pakistan was made by the ACC, necessitating a shared burden of additional expenses. Complicating matters, the flights were booked through Classic Travel, a non-pre-qualified Sri Lankan company.

For four chartered flights, the PCB paid an upfront amount of $281,700. Additionally, they agreed to pay Sri Lanka $2,069,885 for venue hire, with 50% and 25% paid before the event. The remaining balance was to be settled post-event, as per agreed terms.

The Asian Cricket Council was expected to provide a hosting fee of $2.5 million to Pakistan, but the dispute escalates as estimated expenses for the event reached around $4 million.

The PCB altered the initial schedule, adding Multan and organizing the opening match there, prompting ACC’s reluctance to cover these additional costs, further complicating the ongoing financial disputes.

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