Dravid Responds to Ganguly: India’s Pitch Strategy Unveiled


India’s head coach, Rahul Dravid, rebuts suggestions of demanding rank turners at home matches.

Dravid emphasizes the unpredictability of pitches over a five-day Test match, citing recent series.

Contrary to expectations, recent Tests against England have shown varied pitch conditions.

Dravid, known for meticulous pitch assessments, maintains a consistent monitoring regime throughout matches.

His stance contrasts with Sourav Ganguly’s opinion, advocating for balanced pitches over rank turners.

Sourav Ganguly tweeted his admiration for India’s pace bowlers, questioning the necessity of turning tracks. Dravid echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the unpredictability of pitches. He highlighted that while India’s tracks typically favor spin, the extent varies. Dravid confessed to uncertainty about pitch behavior, acknowledging that conditions often diverge from predictions. The team adapts to whatever pitch they encounter, focusing on making the most of it.

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