Deep Dasgupta’s Candid Assessment of Sarfaraz Khan’s Test Selection


Former Indian cricketer, Deep Dasgupta, didn’t mince words when sharing his thoughts on Sarfaraz Khan’s recent Test selection after an impressive run in domestic cricket. While acknowledging Sarfaraz’s consistent performances, Dasgupta expressed reservations about the quality of competition in First Class cricket and questioned whether the batsman had proven himself in high-pressure situations.

In a video on his YouTube channel, Dasgupta acknowledged Sarfaraz’s recent form but raised valid concerns about the significance of runs in big matches. He emphasized the challenge of choosing a player for the national team when faced with the limitations of squad size and the need to replace an existing player.

Dasgupta went on to highlight the disparity in the quality of First Class cricket teams, cautioning against overly relying on statistics from matches against less competitive sides. Despite his critique, Dasgupta clarified that his comments were not aimed directly at Sarfaraz Khan.

The former wicket-keeper also delved into the Shubman Gill versus Sarfaraz Khan comparison, suggesting that selectors are likely to favor the player they see as having more potential. According to Dasgupta, the discrepancy in opportunities between players arises from the trust that the team management, selectors, and captain place in a player’s potential and abilities.

As the debate over Sarfaraz Khan’s Test selection continues, Dasgupta’s insights provide a candid perspective on the challenges faced by selectors and the importance of evaluating a player’s performance in high-stakes scenarios.

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