Controversy Unfolds: Sana Javed Faces Social Media Backlash Amidst Shoaib Malik’s Recent Marriage


In the midst of former Pakistan cricket team captain Shoaib Malik’s latest marriage to actor Sana Javed, controversies surrounding their relationship have taken a dramatic turn. The news of Shoaib Malik’s divorce from Indian tennis star Sania Mirza has stirred discussions in both Pakistan and India, sparking a social media frenzy.

Shoaib Malik recently shared an Instagram post featuring a picture with his new wife, Sana Javed, marking the beginning of a new chapter in his personal life. However, the aftermath of this announcement has led to intense scrutiny on social media platforms. Sana Javed, in her attempt to showcase a collaboration with a clothing brand, shared her first solo post since the marriage. Unfortunately, this move attracted a barrage of trolling from Instagram users, who couldn’t resist commenting on the ongoing controversy involving Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza.

Adding fuel to the fire, a podcast on Pakistan news channel Samaa TV alleged that Shoaib Malik and Sana Javed had been engaged in an affair with intimate relations for the past three years, despite both being in previous marriages. The situation continues to unfold, keeping social media abuzz with speculation and discussions surrounding this high-profile relationship.

In a surprising twist of events, the podcast disclosed that a mere three months after her divorce from Umair Jaswal, Sana found herself entering into a new marital bond with Shoaib Malik.

The podcast further revealed an intriguing condition imposed by Malik during his show appearances on a certain channel โ€“ he insisted that Sana should also be included in the invitation.

According to a producer from the podcast, the clandestine relationship between Malik and Sana had been ongoing for the past three years, marked by intimate involvement.

Despite efforts to keep the affair under wraps, the truth surfaced last year. While Umair Jaswal remained oblivious, both Sania Mirza’s family and Malik’s family became aware of the situation. Attempts were made to resolve the matter, but Malik remained unyielding to any advice, as stated by the producer.

The grand union of Malik and Sania took place amidst much fanfare in 2010 in Hyderabad, India, while Sana and Jaswal chose a more private ceremony for their knot-tying in 2020.

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