Comilla Victorians’ Participation in BPL Hangs in the Balance Amidst Rights Concerns


Navigating the Crossroads: Comilla Victorians’ Uncertain Future in BPL

Comilla Victorians, boasting a remarkable four-time championship title in the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL), find themselves at a pivotal juncture. Under the ownership of Nafisa Kamal, they have successfully cultivated a distinctive brand value, a feat yet to be fully realized in the country’s sole franchise T20 tournament.

Nafisa Kamal voices her apprehensions, asserting that BPL franchises lack the rights enjoyed by counterparts in international franchise leagues. She emphasizes the indispensability of revenue-sharing rights, without which Comilla’s participation in the next BPL seems untenable.

Currently, challenges persist as broadcasting rights prove challenging to sell, and franchises are denied a share of ticket sales, impeding their branding efforts.

If we had 50 percent of the ticket-selling rights, not a single ticket would remain unsold. BCB denies us these rights, be it media or ground rights,

Nafisa laments during a conversation with reporters.

The theoretical framework of a franchise tournament, as envisioned on paper, deviates significantly from the reality of the BPL, with franchises denied essential rights, as per Nafisa.

At the time of this report, the announcement of a title sponsor for the BPL is pending, showcasing a lack of continuity in title sponsorships unlike renowned leagues such as the Tata Indian Premier League or KFC Big Bash.

Nafisa expresses regret over the absence of discussions between leading team owners and the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) regarding crucial matters like revenue-sharing rights. Despite her efforts to initiate meetings, the lack of engagement remains a concern.

Uncertain about Comilla Victorians’ participation in the BPL next year, Nafisa emphasizes the need for unity among team owners, proposing a collaborative meeting to discuss investments and mutual respect.

The looming possibility of Comilla’s absence prompts Nafisa to question the future of the BPL, suggesting it may take on a different form this time, with divisions apparent once the games commence.

Upon reiteration, Nafisa affirms their intention to withdraw from the BPL, emphasizing the need for discussions on ticket rights, ground rights, and media rights.

While displaying flexibility in negotiations, Nafisa expresses willingness to contribute to Bangladesh cricket, specifying her interest in roles within the BCB but not as its president if Nazmul Hassan’s tenure concludes.

The challenges faced by Comilla Victorians underscore the need for a more professional structure in the BPL, emphasizing the importance of fostering a conducive environment for fans and sponsors alike.

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