Ben Stokes Voices Concern Over Zak Crawley’s LBW Decision and Team Health Amidst India Test Defeat


Amidst the backdrop of England’s recent loss to India in the second Test, captain Ben Stokes has raised eyebrows over a contentious LBW decision against opening batsman Zak Crawley. Despite Crawley’s stellar performance in the match, contributing 76 and 73 runs across his two innings, his dismissal under the DRS (Decision Review System) sparked debate.

On the fourth day of the match, Crawley fell victim to a close LBW call from Kuldeep Yadav, a decision that Stokes openly questioned.

Technology in the game is obviously there. Everyone has an understanding of the reasons it can never be 100% which is why we have the umpire’s call

Stokes remarked, expressing doubt over the accuracy of the technology in this instance.

Stokes elaborated on his viewpoint, acknowledging the uncertainties inherent in cricket decisions while asserting his belief that the technology erred on this occasion. Despite his reservations, he emphasized that such incidents cannot alter the outcome already determined on the field.

In addition to cricketing concerns, Stokes shed light on the health issues within the team, revealing that several players, including Ben Foakes, Ollie Pope, and Tom Hartley, woke up feeling unwell on match day. While stressing that this should not serve as an excuse for the team’s performance, Stokes commended the affected players for their resilience and commitment despite their physical discomfort.

As England prepares for the next Test in Rajkot, Stokes noted that captain Joe Root, who missed parts of the previous match due to injury, showed signs of improvement. The team plans to regroup in Abu Dhabi before returning to India, aiming to bounce back in the upcoming fixture commencing on February 15th.

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