Bangladesh Cricket Coach Calls for Reform Amidst T20 League Criticism


Chandika Hathurusingha, the head coach of Bangladesh cricket, recently voiced his concerns about the state of franchise T20 leagues worldwide, likening them to circuses at times. In a candid interview with ESPNcricinfo, the Sri Lankan-born coach didn’t mince words, expressing his frustration with the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) and its standards.

When I tune in to watch the BPL, there are moments I find myself switching off the TV. Some players simply don’t meet the required caliber,

Hathurusingha remarked, highlighting his discontent with the league’s quality.

His critique extended beyond the BPL, addressing broader issues within the cricketing landscape. Hathurusingha emphasized the need for intervention from the International Cricket Council (ICC) and urged the Bangladesh Cricket Board to implement regulations, decrying the current scenario as reminiscent of a circus.

The current system troubles me deeply. Players hopping from one tournament to another—it’s chaotic. This lack of structure affects not just the players but also the fans’ interest. Frankly, I’ve found myself losing interest,

the coach lamented, as the BPL approached its 10th edition playoffs.

Once considered a prominent T20 league, the BPL has slipped in stature compared to leagues like the PSL, CPL, and Big Bash, facing issues ranging from mismanagement to controversies surrounding match-fixing.

Hathurusingha stressed the necessity for a robust domestic T20 tournament in Bangladesh, advocating for a platform where local talents could thrive. He proposed the idea of a pre-BPL tournament to ensure players’ development and inclusion, pointing out the absence of some of his top players from BPL squads as detrimental to Bangladesh’s competitiveness on the international stage.

We need a tournament that nurtures our players, where they can excel in pivotal roles. How else will they gain the necessary experience? With only one major tournament, we’re at a disadvantage. It’s an uphill battle,

Hathurusingha emphasized, outlining his vision for Bangladesh cricket and his determination to overcome challenges in his second stint with the team.

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