Australians dominate rawalpindi, pakistan’s batting collapse


The ground in Rawalpindi is known as the paradise of Paes Bolilong. But two decades later, when Australia toured Pakistan, it was a habit of pace bowling that had become a batting paradise instead. When the Rawalpindi Test ended in a draw, questions were raised about the quality of the wicket. The demerit point is added next to the name of the field in Rawalpindi. After the first Test, it was expected that the character of the field would change in Karachi, but if Australia batted for more than two days in the first innings and scored a mountain of runs, it seemed like a matter of time for the first Test to repeat the first Test. But the Karachi Test has come back to life. Where 8 wickets fell in the previous two days, 11 wickets fell in a day today.

On the third day of the Karachi Test, Pakistan’s innings ended Pakistan’s innings at just 148 runs with the help of anointed Swepson after Australia demolished the top order in the pace bowling top-order.

Pakistan’s cricket team’s strategy has been under criticism since the first Test. Pakistan have made batting wickets to neutralise the Australian pacers in the Test series. In the first Test, the Australian pacers got one wicket in two innings. In the first Test, only 4 of the total 14 wickets that fell have gone to the pacers.

In Karachi, however, both pace and spin in Australia’s innings gave Pakistan equal results. Even after bowling for more than two days, he could not bowl out the Aussies. However, as soon as Pakistan came out to bat, the Australian pace battery returned to form. Pakistani batters are shaking in front of the pace bowling who has adopted so many strategies to deal with the pace bowling.

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