Ali Zafar Poised to Enhance PSL 9 Anthem Amidst Changing Dynamics


The anticipation of Ali Zafar lending his melodious voice to the forthcoming HBL Pakistan Super League (PSL) anthem has gained momentum, following significant developments following the departure of Zaka Ashraf.

Initially contributing his vocals to the anthems of the first three seasons of HBL PSL, Ali Zafar faced career setbacks in 2018 when he was accused of harassment by fellow singer Meesha Shafi. Despite being unproven guilty, the allegations had a lasting impact on his career, leading to a hiatus from singing PSL anthems.

In a surprising turn, PCB recorded three anthems for the upcoming 9th season of PSL featuring Ali Zafar’s voice, with one selected for official use. However, objections arose when a female official within the PSL franchise voiced concerns about the appropriateness of reinstating Ali Zafar, considering the past events and potential negative repercussions.

Under these circumstances, the board reconsidered its decision to assign the anthem project to Ali Zafar. Although Zaka Ashraf did not finalize the agreement, recent developments, marked by the departure of the Chairman of the Management Committee, suggest a potential shift in the situation.

Current authorities now argue that since Ali Zafar has not been proven guilty, there should be no impediment to providing him with an opportunity. The unfolding events are expected to bring more clarity in the days to come.

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