AB De Villiers Commends India’s Tactical Batting Amidst Sly Dig at England’s ‘Bazball


Renowned South African cricket legend AB De Villiers subtly criticised England’s ‘Bazball’ strategy while applauding India for their impressive batting performance on the first day of the Test match in Hyderabad.

Crafting Success: AB De Villiers’ Insight on India’s Strategic Approach

On the initial day of the Test match, Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja showcased their prowess by claiming three wickets each, restricting England to a modest 246 runs. India, in response, displayed an assertive batting approach, posting 119/1 in just 23 overs. Opening batsmen Rohit Sharma and Yashasvi Jaiswal set the tone with an aggressive innings, prompting De Villiers to emphasize the significance of situational awareness over flashy tactics.

In his observations shared on X (formerly Twitter), De Villiers remarked,

India batting at 8/9 rpo (runs per over) at the start of their innings here. You don’t have to call it brave, bold, or bazz ball; it’s literally just playing the situation. Identifying moments in a Test match where you can get ahead in the game is what it’s all about. When the momentum shifts, you adapt and absorb for a period and wait for that moment again.

De Villiers’ astute commentary highlights the nuanced approach of playing Test cricket, focusing on reading the situation and seizing key moments rather than relying on flamboyant strategies.

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