Aamer Sohail Voices Criticism Against PCB’s Actions


Aamer Sohail Raises Concerns About PCB Leadership Changes

Former Pakistan captain Aamer Sohail has criticized recent leadership changes in the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), highlighting the appointment of individuals without sports management experience.
Expressing Dissatisfaction
Speaking to local media, Sohail expressed dissatisfaction with decisions made by inexperienced figures in the PCB, emphasizing that their lack of expertise is negatively impacting Pakistani cricket.
Root Cause of Turmoil
According to Sohail, the turmoil in Pakistan cricket arises from individuals seeking positions on the cricket board for personal gain, lacking the necessary experience to effectively run a sporting body.
Proposal for Improvement
Sohail proposed the formation of a committee or sports council to provide guidance to sports governing bodies, aiming for improved operations.
Upcoming PCB Meeting
Earlier, the PCB confirmed a special meeting on February 6, 2024, for the election of the PCB chairman. The meeting is set to take place at the National Cricket Academy Lahore (NCA).

The notice of the meeting is issued as per the provisions of the constitution of the Pakistan Cricket Board 2014. It is mandatory for all the members of the BoG to attend the meeting in person,” PCB said in a statement

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